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Don't Get Miffed When We Tell You To Lift

There is a nagging misperception that “cardio” is the epitome of measuring fitness and the key to health.  However, quality published science (1,2,3)  consistently shows that strength training is critical to improving health and longevity.  Benefits of strength training include: increased resting metabolic rate, reducing fat, increasing lean body mass, improved balance, improved flexibility, improved cognitive abilities, and, critically, increased bone density.   KINETICOACH incorporates resistance training (weights and body-weight) to help you look, feel, and perform better, while improving your health.

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It was the Best of Grinds, it was the Worst of Grinds: A Tale of Two Beverages

Whether for ritual, taste, tradition, or stimulation, coffee is a part of many adults’ lives.  As with the majority of foods, literature supports both health benefits and detriments of regular coffee consumption. 

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It's Time For Us to Have "The Talk"

OK, this may be a bit uncomfortable for both of us.  Please have a seat (or do an Active Squat Hold) .  I know you've heard people talk about this at work.  We care for you and your well-being, so we want you to get the truth, not rumors from your friends.  It's time to talk about the Birds and the ZZZZ's.  We'll avoid eye contact during the awkward moments, but it's important to know the facts as this can affect your health and your future.

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Road Routine

While traveling, having a routine is essential to improving health and wellness. This includes nutrition, workouts, sleep, and stress management. There are so many things out of your control when you travel.  Let KINETICOACH's Custom Workout Builder take the stress out of your fitness routine.  

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With a busy schedule, we often need to seek opportunities to increase our activity levels.  But sometimes, those opportunities just present themselves.  Next time...TAKE THE STAIRS!

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n KINETICOACH Nutrition, parts 1 & 2, we defined nutritional density & hyperpalitabiliity, laying the foundation for further nutrition discussions.  KINETICOACH was designed with travel fitness in mind, so let’s talk about nutrition during travel.  Sustaining a nutrition and fitness routine without the predictable schedule and food sources of home is daunting.  But a few steps of preparation can make all the difference in the world.  Before you leave for your trip, follow these steps:

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The True Rock Star Parking

A key component to health and longevity is frequent activity (1,2).  It’s very easy to fall into a stressful and sedentary daily routine: drive to work, sit in a desk for 8-10 hours, drive home, sit, lay down to sleep.  

KINETICOACH encourages you to find every opportunity to increase activity throughout the day:  taking the stairs, brisk walk-breaks every 45 minutes at work, etc.  Here’s a simple opportunity to increase your daily activity level:  park further away.

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In our last post, we began building the foundation for healthy eating by defining nutritional density, and we used it as a guide for structuring meals.  Today, we’ll explain hyperpalatability and how to avoid overeating.

The “palatability” of food is a measure of the neurological reward associated with eating it.  Highly “palatable” foods tend to:

  • Make you crave more of that food (and other foods), increasing the total amount you eat
  • Suppress hunger signals, making you hungrier overall
  • Be denser in calories with a mixture of fat, salt, and/or sugar
  • Be very easy to consume
  • Have strong textural & flavor properties such as being crunchy or salty
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