In KINETICOACH Nutrition, parts 1 & 2, we defined nutritional density & hyperpalitabiliity, laying the foundation for further nutrition discussions.  KINETICOACH was designed with travel fitness in mind, so let’s talk about nutrition during travel.

Sustaining a nutrition and fitness routine without the predictable schedule and food sources of home is daunting.  But a few steps of preparation can make all the difference in the world.  Before you leave for your trip, follow these steps:

  1. Use Google Maps’ “search nearby” tool to locate grocery stores and restaurants near where you’re staying.

  2. Lookup your hotel or accommodations to determine if there is a refrigerator and/or microwave available and what (if any) type of food service they have (beware, aside from occasional fresh fruit, “continental breakfast” = hyperpalitability & nutritionally void bonanza).

  3. If traveling for business, research the food plans for meetings and conferences; donuts and orange juice won’t cut if for a KINETICOACHer.

  4. Pack a collapsible, insulated lunch bag in your luggage. If room allows, also consider some small reusable Tupperware containers.

Based on your research, do the following:

  1. Make a shopping list based on the duration of your stay, food available (hotel and work accommodations). Plan snacks and meals for your entire visit if able. Have a stash of snacks on hand for meetings that run long.

  2. Pack snacks for your travel day (see next blog post).

  3. When you arrive, get to the grocery store immediately and purchase what’s needed to cover gaps in food availability. Use items like jerky, deli meats, fruits and veggies (like carrots) help fill periods where food access will be limited but you’ll likely be hungry. Just imagine it’s 5pm and you know you won’t be able to get dinner until 8pm. At a minimum, hotels will have ice and bags you can put in your collapsible lunch bag to keep essentials cool.

  4. Review the menus of possible restaurants and have a plan for ordering nutritionally dense, non-hyperpalitable meals centered around lean meats, vegetables, and roots or tubers (see KINETICOACH Nutrition Parts 1 & 2 for details).

  5. If staying at a hotel with a kitchenette, consider preparing meals ahead of time (see next blog post).

In Part 4 of the KINETICOACH Nutrition Blog Series, we’ll give specific examples of how KINETICOACH’s creators address nutrition during travel (between the airlines, the military, and business travel, we’ve logged our share of miles and managed nutrition in some challenging locations over the years).

KINETICOACH is the best fitness app for business travel, vacation, or home.  It was developed by business travelers and fitness professionals with more than 30 years of personal coaching experience and decades using hotel gyms