The True Rock Star Parking

A key component to health and longevity is frequent activity (1,2).  It’s very easy to fall into a stressful and sedentary daily routine: drive to work, sit in a desk for 8-10 hours, drive home, sit, lay down to sleep.  

KINETICOACH encourages you to find every opportunity to increase activity throughout the day:  taking the stairs, brisk walk-breaks every 45 minutes at work, etc.  Here’s a simple opportunity to increase your daily activity level:  park further away.

Have you ever circled the parking lot looking for that perfect spot up front?  You stealthily stalk innocent bystanders as they walk to their cars, only to realize they are in a different row.  You race across the lot to meet them and then wait 5 minutes as they take their time loading up and checking Facebook before backing out; but you got that rock star parking.

KINETICOACH is more than just workouts—it’s a lifestyle of health and fitness. Today, park in the back of the lot, or at the top of the parking garage (3). Take pride in the extra hundred meters you get to walk.  You reduced stress, improved your health, and gained fitness.  And as you pass by those drivers impatiently waiting for that rock star parking spot to open, banging their nuggets on their steering wheels, make a mental note to tell them about your key to staying healthy and sane: KINETICOACH.


KINETICOACH is the best fitness app for business travel, vacation, or home.  It was developed by business travelers and fitness professionals with more than 30 years of personal coaching experience and decades using hotel gyms


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