It's Time For Us to Have "The Talk"


OK, this may be a bit uncomfortable for both of us.  Please have a seat (or do an Active Squat Hold) .  We know you've heard people talk about this at work.  We care for you and your well-being, so we want you to get the truth, not rumors from your friends.  

It's time to talk about the Birds and the ZZZZ's.  We'll avoid eye contact during the awkward moments, but it's important to know the facts as this can affect your health and your future.

When a person and their job love each other very much, it's common for them to spend a lot of time together.  It starts with 8-12 hours together at the office, but quickly advances to after-hours contact with phones and emails.  Before you know it, a person and their job find themselves in bed together, preventing the person from going to sleep.  

As rewarding as it can be spending time together in bed, sacrificing sleep has serious short and long term impacts on the person.  And, embarrassingly, it can decrease the person's ummm, well, job "performance".

So let's chat about safe, healthy sleep practices:

OK, that wasn't too bad, now was it?  We can make eye contact again.  Sleep tight!


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