And Now, your FEET-ure Presentation

The feet are possibly the most critical yet neglected body part.  Most footwear constrains the foot and ankle to limited ranges of motion for long periods throughout the day.  This often leads to shortened muscles and ligaments, and increased risk of joint pain and a multitude of injuries. Today's post focuses on breaking up bound tissue caused by years in constrictive footwear.  Take these 4 simple steps to improve your foot health and to reduce your risk of foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back injury.

  1.  Spend more time barefoot (or in socks) - this can be at your desk in the office or at home (or both). Being barefoot allows your bones and tissues to assume their natural positions under weight.  We are not advocating barefoot running.  Just spending more time barefoot while standing and walking.
  2. Regularly massage your feet, focusing on spreading the toes and working the tissue on the bottom of the foot and around the heel/ankle - checkout our guided video tutorial 
  3. Regularly massage your achilles -  checkout our guided video tutorial
  4. Regularly massage your calves - checkout our guided video tutorial

Make time every day for foot, achilles, and calf maintenance

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