The next time you travel, notice how often you lift objects (backpack, suitcase, etc.) from the ground to your shoulders, or from the ground to overhead.  Correct lifting and pressing mechanics are safe & efficient.  Lifting from the ground to overhead is, essentially, three movement patterns:  

  1. The Deadlift (from the ground to hip-height)
  2. The Hang Power Clean (from the hip to shoulder-height)
  3. The Push Press or Push Jerk (from shoulder to overhead)

The Deadlift and Hang Power Clean can be combined into one movement:  the Power Clean.  Let's break these down:


Keys to safe, efficient Deadlift:

  • Stand tall with feet about hip or shoulder-width apart and as close as possible to the object.  If it's a bag, consider standing with feet on either side of the bag
  • Tighten your belly
  • Keep your back neutral and flat, and bow over the object by reaching your hips backward and slightly bending your knees (don't let knees shoot forward)
  • Stay flat in your feet (don't let your weight shift to your toes)
  • Grab the object and begin standing by pulling the hips backward and raising your chest
  • Keep your belly tight and your back flat and neutral as you stand


Keys to safe, efficient Power Clean:

  • Setup the same as the deadlift
  • As you lift the weight, when it is just above knee height:
    • Raise the chest and jump
    • Pull elbows back and out as you pull your body under the weight
    • Reach hips back and slightly bend knees to dip under the object
    • Quickly whip elbows around so the object is supported on the shoulders or chest
    • Keep weight flat in feet, belly tight and back flat


Keys to safe, efficient Push Press or Push Jerk:

  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Keep object in contact with your shoulders (don't just support it with your arms)
  • Maintain tight belly throughout movement
  • Dip with a vertical torso by slightly bending knees out and forward...don't reach butt back
  • Keep weight flat in the feet during the dip (don't lean onto toes)
  • At bottom of short dip, immediately squeeze your butt and jump the weight off your shoulders
  • If the object is light enough, continue pressing the weight overhead (keep belly tight, squeeze your butt, and don't over-arch your back)
  • If the object is heavier, after you jump, dip under it by pulling your hips back and slightly bending your knees (this is the Push Jerk), and then stand with the object overhead
  • Keep weight flat in feet and belly tight

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