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Because I Was Inverted - Going Upside Down

If you're older than 30, this image likely jolted deep memories of your childhood.  If you're younger than 30, there was a semi-iconic cheesy movie in the 80s called "Top Gun," and phones had rotary dials that calloused your finger tips...Google it.  Going upside down (literally) is something most adults no longer do

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The Push Press

The Push Press is emulated in everyday movements that require moving a load from the shoulders to overhead (or above the head).  For travelers, putting your carry-on into the overhead bin is the perfect application for the Push Press.  At home, use the Push Press when putting a box onto a higher shelf in a closet.

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The next time you travel, notice how often you lift objects (backpack, suitcase, etc.) from the ground to your shoulders, or from the ground to overhead.  Correct lifting and pressing mechanics are safe & efficient.  Lifting from the ground to overhead is, essentially, three movement patterns:

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