The Push Press

The Push Press: efficiently move an object from shoulders to overhead. Short dip, tall torso, explosive hips. One of 140+ movements incorporated into KINETICOACH workouts. 

The Push Press is emulated in everyday movements that require moving a load from the shoulders to overhead (or above the head).  For travelers, putting your carry-on into the overhead bin is the perfect application for the Push Press.  At home, use the Push Press when putting a box onto a higher shelf in a closet.

When part of a workout, KINETICOACH will always provide a suggested weight based on your experience level.  Always warmup thoroughly, and gradually build to the workout weight.  Never use a weight that causes incorrect form.  

KINETICOACH is the best fitness App for business travel, vacation, and home.  It was developed by business travelers and fitness professionals with more than 30 years of personal coaching experience and decades using hotel gyms.