The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Pushup - Part 2: The Progression

In part one of this blog series, we covered the mechanics of correct pushup form. Part two is an all-inclusive pushup progression for everyone, regardless of experience level. If you’re learning how to do a pushup for the first time, this guide will help get you to your first successful pushup. Or, if you’re wondering how to improve pushups, it will increase your existing pushup capacity.


  • Each phase in the KINETICOACH Pushup Progression starts with a test. If you can comfortably pass that test, then move to the next phase. If not, begin the phase at a part where you are challenged, but can complete the assigned work.

  • Phases are broken into parts. A part is your assigned work for your weekly workout plan. You'll repeat each part two to three times in that week (for example, do part one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then move to part two the next week).

  • Don't move to the next part until you can complete all assigned work in your current part

  • Don't skip the stretches! The KINETICOACH Pushup Progression includes flexibility warmups to keep you safe. This increased flexibility and shoulder stability reduces injury risk in daily life and improves your performance in other exercises.

  • Don't skip ahead. Attaining your first pushups safely is not a fast process (for most). Follow our pushup progression using the correct pushup form, and only advance to the next phase when you can honestly pass the phase test.

  • It's common to spend one to two weeks in each part of a phase.

  • Use the KINETICOACH Manual Timer functions to keep you on task.

  • The KINETICOACH YouTube channel has full tutorials of every movement & stretch in this progression. Checkout our playlists and subscribe to see new movements.

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