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Say "HOLLOW" to Rock Hard Abs

Abs are like the output of a high-quality stereo—fine tune the dials, and you’ll get a crisp, clear sound. When you dial in the right balance of “Ab” settings, you’ll get leaner, stronger Abs. Exercise is one of several dials you can adjust towards toned abs, and overall fitness.

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Because I Was Inverted - Going Upside Down

If you're older than 30, this image likely jolted deep memories of your childhood.  If you're younger than 30, there was a semi-iconic cheesy movie in the 80s called "Top Gun," and phones had rotary dials that calloused your finger tips...Google it.  Going upside down (literally) is something most adults no longer do

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Pushup - Part 1: The Mechanics

You can tell a lot about a gym or a trainer based on how they teach (or don't teach) the pushup, and what path they use to build pushups in their clients.  This is Part 1 of a 3-part blog series about how to develop correct pushups in volume.  Here are the key elements to a correct, full range of motion pushup.

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