Don't Get Miffed When We Tell You To Lift

There is a nagging misperception that “cardio” is the epitome of measuring fitness and the key to health.  However, quality published science (1,2,3)  consistently shows that strength training is critical to improving health and longevity.  Benefits of strength training include: increased resting metabolic rate, reducing fat, increasing lean body mass, improved balance, improved flexibility, improved cognitive abilities, and, critically, increased bone density.   KINETICOACH incorporates resistance training (weights and body-weight) to help you look, feel, and perform better, while improving your health.

Osteoporosis affects more than 20 million Americans (more than 7% of the population) with the largest population comprised of women over the age of 45 (12% of the total female population).  Supplements are, in theory, useful as they provide the raw material for bone structure.  But current research shows that calcium supplementation is associated with “kidney stones, acute gastrointestinal events, and increase the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.  And that “…any benefit of calcium supplements on preventing fracture is outweighed by increased cardiovascular events.”(4)

Just using calcium supplements can miss two key factors for improving bone density: absorption and bone growth.  Absorption is addressed through nutrition (see our KINETICOACH Nutrition blog series).  Imposing an external load stimulates bone growth by causing a slight deformation in the bones. (5)  Whether it’s the impact of jumping rope or frequent weighted squatting and lifting, you must load your bones to help them grow.

The fear of getting too bulky from frequent lifting in a fitness program is alarmist and does not reflect the reality of a well-structured workout program.  KINETICOACH’s hundreds of workouts are designed by fitness professionals with decades of coaching experience.  KINETICOACH uses suggested weight amounts based on experience level, in-depth demo videos, and smart workout programming, to safely and effectively incorporate resistance training.  Whether you use KINETICOACH Daily Challenge or the Custom Workout Builder, you’ll get frequent resistance training to help you reap the massive benefits of increased muscle and bone density, and decreased fat.






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