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When your Groin be Groanin'

The supple yet powerful muscles on the inside of your legs are part of the Hip Adductor group. There isn’t just one “groin muscle,” there are 9 that find there way into your sensitive nether regions. Some, like the psoas, extend from your groin all the way to your spine (gross factor of 7, but a really important muscle).

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Active Squat Hold

This is the Active Squat Hold.  Do it daily to decrease injury risk & to improve flexibility.  The full-range squat is excellent for ankle, knee, and hip joint health.  When just starting out, use a bench, table, or doorway for support. Start with 20-30 seconds in the squat. Gradually increase to 3-5 minutes in the squat hold, staying active the whole time and gradually letting go of support.

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The Most Important Stretch for Frequent Travelers

Conferences, meetings, lunches, dinners, airline flights, Uber rides—what do all of these activities have in common?  The answer is that you’re likely sitting during them, and that they comprise the majority of your business travel time.  

So what?  What’s so bad about sitting so much?

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