When your Groin be Groanin'

The supple yet powerful muscles on the inside of your legs are part of the Hip Adductor group. There isn’t just one “groin muscle,” there are 9 that find their way into your sensitive nether regions. Some, like the psoas, extend from your groin all the way to your spine (gross factor of 7, but a really important muscle).

Neglected adductors don’t just have hurt feelings, they take revenge with injury risk due to brittle, shortened muscles and muscular imbalances (think lower back, knee, and hip injuries).

Here are 5 simple exercises to get on your groin’s good side (not that there’s a bad side to your groin…just, ya know).

Standing Pancake GIF.gif

Standing Pancake

• Wide stance, toes forward
•Bow forward & grab legs
•Pull chest towards knees
•Keep knees straight

Week 1: Hold 30 sec, 3x/day
Week 2: Hold 60 sec, 3x/day
Week 3: Hold 90 sec, 3x/day
Week 4: Hold 2 min, 3x/day

Hip Swivel GIF.gif

Hip Swivel

•Start with hands behind hips
•Sit w/feet just wider than hips
•Rotate side-to-side
•Try to touch knee to ground
•Keep chest tall
•Raise hands to increase difficulty

Week 1: 2 sets of 10 reps/day
Week 2: 3 sets of 10 reps/day
Week 3: 2 sets of 15 reps/day
Week 4: 3 sets of 15 reps/day

Straddle Sit (Elevated) GIF.gif

Elevated Straddle Stretch

•Sit on object that slightly elevates hips off ground
•Keep chest tall
•Squeeze quads & point toes up
•As flexibility improves, lower object height or proceed to Assisted Straddle Stretch

Week 1: Hold 60 sec, 3x/day
Week 2: Hold 90 sec, 3x/day
Week 3: Hold 2 sec, 3x/day
Week 4: Hold 3 min, 3x/day

Straddle Sit (Assisted) GIF.gif

Assisted Straddle Stretch

•Grab any object to help keep torso tall.
•Squeeze quads & point toes to the sky
•As flexibility improves, remove object

Week 1: Hold 60 sec, 3x/day
Week 2: Hold 90 sec, 3x/day
Week 3: Hold 2 sec, 3x/day
Week 4: Hold 3 min, 3x/day

Frog Stretch GIF.gif

Frog Stretch

•Keep bottom of feet together
•Keep knees & belly on ground
•Slowly lower feet towards ground
•Stop lowering if feet separate

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