Quixotic Stretching - The Windmill STRETCH

The windmill stretch is a phenomenal exercise that serves as a shoulder and hamstring warmup, as well as a flexibility assessment tool. The windmill is part of the daily KINETICOACH warmup on our fitness app for iPhone and, when done frequently, contributes to hamstring, shoulder, calf, and hip flexibility. Don't use weight with the windmill stretch until you have full range of motion (meaning that your hand touches the ground with your top arm straight and legs straight). When adding weight to this upper body warmup, start extremely light (5 lbs at the most), and only add weight if you can maintain control throughout the range of motion.

Only descend to a point where you can still maintain straight legs during this dynamic warmup exercise, as it may take several months to reach full range of motion. Rotate the top arm without letting that shoulder roll forward. If you feel your upper back rounding, then you're likely rolling the shoulder forward.  

In addition to our daily workout warmup, the KINETICOACH Custom Workout Builder often uses the windmill during "Stressed & Tired" workouts or when you've selected "Increase Flexibility" as one of your goals in your profile. The windmill is one of 140+ exercises with professional tutorials in the KINETICOACH demo library and on the KINETICOACH YouTube Channel. Download the app today to create a personalized workout plan that includes the windmill stretch!


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