Anti-Gravity: The Bench/Box Jump

Jumping is a measure of athletic performance, a path to improved fitness, and a great assessment tool for basic movement patterns.  Correct jumping mechanics lead to increased bone density, improved speed and power, and improved weightlifting and gymnastics.  Incorrect jumping mechanics can lead to injury and often carry over to flawed weightlifting and gymnastics mechanics.

The Bench/Box Jump is one of many jumping exercises used in KINETICOACH workouts.  There's no need to limit yourself to a bench or box. Stairs, sturdy tables, or park benches make great targets for jumping.

Correct Jumping Mechanics

  1. Feet approximately hip-width apart (feet under butt cheeks) with toes pointed forward
  2. Bow slightly forward, bend knees, and reach hips back
  3. Knees track in-line with feet, and heels stay on ground
  4. Keep chest tall while reaching arms back
  5. Swing arms forward and jump
  6. Raise knees forward and up;  lead with the knees
  7. Land with feet forward and knees in-line with feet
  8. Step down keeping knees in-line with feet

                                                                               Basics of Jump Mechanics

A common error with jumping and landing mechanics is allowing the ankles and knees to collapse.  While preparing to jump, keep the feet flat on the ground, and ensure the knees track in-line with the feet (think of spinning the knees outward to keep them in-line with the feet).  A good way to stay safe while learning jumping mechanics is to keep the feet together with toes facing forward during jumping and landing.

KINETICOACH discourages jumping down from the bench/box during workouts for most individuals.  If you are diligent with your ankle and achilles mobility, then occasionally jumping down with correct mechanics can be safe.  But increased rep volume and/or height, combined with poor ankle and achilles mobility can lead to injury.


The Box/Bench Jump is one of 140+ exercises used in KINETICOACH workouts, and accompanied by professional tutorials and GIFs.


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