About The kineticoach fitness app for iphone

How do I determine my Experience Level?

As one of the best gym workout apps for beginners and workout junkies, KINETICOACH uses three experience levels to select the perfect workout to get you fit while keeping you safe.  Here’s how we define our workout experience levels:

  • Beginner – Less than one year of consistent fitness training. Unfamiliar with the KINETICOACH movements. New to using weights for fitness training.

  • Intermediate – One to two years of consistent fitness training. Mostly familiar with KINETICAOCH movements. Some experience using weights for fitness training.

  • Advanced – More than two years of consistent fitness training. Familiar with KINETICOACH movements. Experienced using weights for fitness training.

In our fitness app for iPhone, you can update your experience level at any time by selecting the settings wheel on the home page, then clicking on “Edit profile and goals.” Download it here to get started!

We recommend that new users who qualify as advanced start with the intermediate level for a few workouts just to get a feel for KINETICOACH workouts. Then, you can start building a personalized workout plan based on your experience level and familiarity of our workouts!


How do I know WHICH weights to use in a workout?

When a workout involves weight lifting, KINETICOACH is one of the best weight training apps to use, as it provides suggested weights based on your experience level.  Ensure that you watch the full demo video (click the YouTube link within the app), practice, and thoroughly warm up the movement at lighter weights prior to starting the workout.  

Never use a weight that leads to poor form. You will make faster fitness gains using a lighter weight with a safe and correct form than if you go heavy and injure yourself. Only increase weight once you can consistently do a movement safely. Use the weight lifting tracker in the app to keep tabs on your progress.

Note: Different types of workouts will demand different weights for the same movement. For example, longer workouts with higher reps will generally use lighter weights than a shorter workout with a lower volume of reps. 


How should I warm up?

It is absolutely critical to thoroughly warm up prior to starting your customized workout with KINETICOACH. Warming up does not mean lots of static stretching; an effective warmup mixes dynamic mobility to gradually increase range of motion while warming up joints, muscles, and your aerobic metabolic pathway. These dynamic warmup exercises will loosen up your body so you get the best workout possible with minimal risk of injury.

If you are wondering how to warm up most effectively, we recommend that you follow the full KINETICOACH warmup prior to your workouts. Our warmup consists of 13 dynamic exercises/movements and takes approximately six minutes to complete.  

To view our lower and upper-body warmup, open the KINETICOACH app and click on the instructions link at the bottom of the workout page. You can view each warmup movement separately in GIF form, or click the YouTube link to watch the full warmup with instructions.


How do I use the Demo videos?

KINETICOACH’s professional fitness trainers demonstrate all exercises and stretches in the form of GIFs and YouTube videos. The in-app GIFs are designed for a quick-view refresher of movements, exercises, and the correct workout form. If a movement is new to you, click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the demo page. This will take you to a full instructional video with detailed instructions on safe and efficient execution of the exercise. We recommend that you film yourself doing the movement and compare it to the KINETICOACH demo video to see where corrections are needed during your weekly exercise plan.


What if I can’t do a movement as it’s shown in the Demo video?

The professional fitness trainers in the demo videos have been doing these movements for more than a decade. There is no expectation that you’ll be able to do all movements as demonstrated right away. 

Follow the instructions on the left side of the demo video for a prioritized list of what parts of the movement you should focus on. Never use a range of motion that leads to pain or causes you to violate the instructions as you work through your personalized workout plan. For example, with the Air Squat, do not continue squatting lower if your lower back rounds or if your knees collapse.

Often, simply slowing down the movement allows you time to make adjustments to keep correct form. Film yourself and compare to the demo video to identify where corrections are needed. When you create a workout plan for yourself, it’s about mastering the movements to see gradual progress, rather than getting through as many workouts as possible.


What if I’m injured?

Future updates to the KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone will incorporate injury workarounds into workouts.  However, there’s no reason to stop working out completely due to injuries. Follow your physician’s guidance for exercise restrictions. Warm up thoroughly and identify which movements or ranges of motion cause you pain or discomfort, then eliminate them from your weekly exercise plan until your body heals.

The custom workout builder algorithm provides you with 10 workouts to choose from within each workout build. Run the builder again if necessary to find a customized workout that is compatible with your injury.

how does the app Use my "time available" selection?  

KINETICOACH will use your "time available" as the upper limit for workout selections, making it a good workout app for people who do quick HIIT exercises or like to fit travel workouts into their downtime on business trips. The custom workout builder algorithm will choose workouts primarily within your time available selection, but will also pick shorter workouts that meet your other selected criteria. Always working out in the same time domain limits your fitness gains, so be sure to explore the extremes of workout durations (shorter and longer workouts).

How should I answer the question, “How are you feeling today?”

This question allows the custom workout builder within the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer to adjust the intensity (duration, speed, load, or volume) of your workout based on how you feel. You can choose from three different options of intensity, and each option is still tailored to your experience level:


  • STRESSED & TIRED – choose this option if you had insufficient sleep (less than five or six hours), if you do not feel recovered or rested, or if you feel drained, excessively sore, or are recovering from an illness. STRESSED & TIRED workouts will have lower volume exercises, and they will tend to focus on one area, such as stretching, strength development, or skill work. These are great recovery workouts for those days when you need to move, but just don’t feel like going hard. DON’T HESITATE SELECTING STRESSED & TIRED! These customized workouts are a critical part of maintaining a well-rounded personal training program.


  • FEELING OK – choose this option if you had moderate sleep (six or seven hours) and feel mostly recovered. You can be somewhat sore. FEELING OK workouts are great at the end of a long week or travel day when you want to fit in some hotel room exercises, or as the last workout prior to a rest day when you feel well enough to go somewhat hard in a workout, but don’t feel 100 percent. FEELING OK workouts will have moderate volume and loading, but will still ask you to work hard. These are NOT easy workouts and will contribute to your fitness gains.


  • FEELING GREAT! BRING IT ON! – choose this option of you had sufficient sleep (more than seven hours) and feel fully recovered, rested, and ready to jump into your personalized workout plan. Slight soreness is fine. These are great workouts after a rest day or when you’re feeling great and want to push hard. FEELING GREAT workouts are not necessarily always longer workouts; they will tend to have higher loads, volumes, or will demand higher output. These are tough workouts and will vastly improve your personal fitness.


How often should I work out?

We recommend either:

  • Three days on, one day off, or two days on, one day off, such as:

o   Monday – work out

o   Tuesday – work out

o   Wednesday – work out

o   Thursday –rest

o   Friday –work out

o   Saturday – work out

o   Sunday - rest

  • 2 days on, 1 day off

Consistency is critical for a steady pursuit of your fitness goals with the KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can do the full warmup and get a KINETICOACH workout in. Just select <5 minutes when asked, “How much time do you have?” And remember, on days that you don’t feel great, select “Stressed & Tired” to stay on your path to fitness with customized workouts that fit your workout level and energy that day.

Note: Listen to your body. If it’s supposed to be a workout day but you’re unable to even get through the warmup, consider throwing in a rest day and modifying your workout schedule so that you get to these exercises later in your weekly workout plan.


How do Teams and Leaderboards work?

The KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone allows users to create and join teams for motivation and friendly competition!

Simply select the “LEADERBOARD” tab at the bottom of the home page. You can create your own team and invite other KINETICOACH users to join, or if you receive an invite code, you can join someone else’s team. Once on a team, you can view leaderboards based on experience points or on workout performance. 

The default leaderboard for a team is the Experience board. This ranks team members by how many experience points they have earned using the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer. You can filter the board by workout performance by clicking “Filter by Workout” at the bottom of the Team page. Now select a previously accomplished workout or search for a workout by name to see how you rank based on workout performance. KINETICOACH is the best personal trainer app for friends who like to keep each other accountable and celebrate workout milestones!


How do I post results for a workout?

Prior to starting a workout, click the INSTRUCTIONS link at the bottom of the workout page to see what type of result and notes you’ll be asked to enter. There are several types of results in our gym tracker, including:

  • Total Reps – track the total number of repetitions you complete in a workout.

  • Total Rounds Plus Reps into the Final Round – a “round” consists of a group of exercises. Each time you get through that group, you will have completed a round. At the end of the workout, you’ll enter the number of times you completed rounds, and then you’ll enter how many reps into the final round you completed. KINETICOACH will automatically convert this into a raw score for the leaderboard!

  • Total Time – track how long the workout takes to finish. Simply note the time on the timer when you complete the workout.

  • Weight Used – enter the heaviest weight used for the workout. If you needed to modify the weight during the workout, enter the weight you used for the majority of the workout.

  • Notes Only – some workouts will only ask you to enter notes regarding performance, what weight you may have used, or any modifications to movements you made.

After completing a workout with the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer, click on the green “FINISHED” button in the upper right corner of the timer page. You will then be prompted to enter your results based on the type of workout completed.  

After entering your results, you’ll be asked to enter any notes. The Instructions link at the bottom of the workout page will let you know what notes to enter to help you compare your future performance of the same customized workout.


What is THE Virtual Gym?

As you complete workouts and reach certain milestones in your personalized workout plan (such as consistency in working out), you’ll earn experience points towards equipment in your KINETICOACH Virtual Gym. There are hundreds of pieces of equipment to earn, so stay consistent, work hard, and watch your gym grow!


Why should I do Flexibility work?

KINETICOACH uses mobility training and dynamic warmup exercises for functional flexibility. The goal of mobility work is to gain or maintain a healthy range of motion in your joints and muscles. Consistent mobility work vastly reduces the risk of injury and increases your performance in workouts to get you fit faster. Consistent flexibility and mobility work is critical for regular travelers who may spend large amounts of time sitting or are inactive. Follow the KINETICOACH warmup, use the Movement Library to select flexibility movements when you need a quick stretch, and occasionally choose a “Stressed & Tired” workout for longer flexibility workouts. These dynamic exercises will keep you in shape while protecting you from any injuries that would interfere with your weekly workout plan and overall health.

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