kineticoach APP Features



The travel trainer

KINETICOACH is the best best fitness app for iPhone users who regularly travel for business, go on vacations, and work out at home or at their local gym. Our travel workout app was developed by business travelers and fitness professionals who have more than three decades of personal coaching experience and years of using hotel gyms. No other fitness app for iPhone users provides KINETICOACH's level of customized workouts, exercise variety, and professional workout design!

Ready to create a workout plan using the available equipment wherever you go? Download the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer today to gain access to hundreds of personalized workout plans and daily challenges!


experience level

From the moment you download the KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone, you'll get a customized workout experience with tons of personalized workout plans based on your experience level and the specific goals of your personal fitness journey. Simply download the mobile app, select your experience level, and the Custom Workout Builder will adjust movement complexity, volume, loading, and duration to maximize your fitness gains, reduce the risk of injury, and keep you motivated.

If you’re looking for the best workout app for beginners, KINETICOACH has everything you need to create a workout plan that is right for you. Download the app today!



Set your goals

The KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone selects exercises and creates personalized workout plans based on your personal fitness goals. Choose from Burn Fat, Gain Muscle, Get Faster, Increase Endurance, and Improve Flexibility when you are creating a workout plan so you get customized workouts that are the most relevant to your own specific needs. Or, select Increase Overall Fitness to get workouts that cover the entire fitness spectrum for a well-rounded personal training program right in the palm of your hand. 

Our professional fitness coaches used their three decades of experience to design smart, efficient, safe workouts to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are looking for the best bodybuilding app, endurance training app, or just a fitness app that allows you to create one-of-a-kind, personalized workout plans made just for you, KINETICOACH has it all. Download the app today!




KINETICOACH's one-of-a-kind Custom Workout Builder uses your experience level, goals, how you're feeling that day, the time available to work out, and what equipment you have available (including "none") to create a workout plan that fits your unique fitness goals. Our innovative algorithm then returns up to 10 customized workouts for you to choose from!

As one of the best fitness apps for iPhone users who are looking to create personalized workout plans on the go, KINETICOACH offers everything you need to stay on track with your daily or weekly exercise plan. Download the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer today to create a workout plan that is perfect for you!



600+ UNIQUE customIZED workoutS

Each run of the Custom Workout Builder returns up to 10 perfectly programmed customized workouts tailored to your unique inputs, goals, and experience level. Choose your personalized workout plan now, or bookmark workouts for later. New workouts are added daily, so you’ll never get bored working out with the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer!

Whether you are a traveling professional and do hotel gym workouts or prefer working out at the gym by your house, the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer has something for everyone. Download the app today to create a workout plan that’s right for you, whether that means building muscle, toning down, improving endurance, increasing flexibility, or just revving up your heart rate. Download the app today to start creating a workout plan!



In-Depth workout Instructions

All of our personalized workout plans come with in-depth instructions, including a complete warm-up session, weight selection guidance, workout equipment modifications, a step-by-step workout walk-through, and how to post your results. Our professional fitness coaches wrote these instructions based on decades of experience running various personal training programs and training clients of all skill levels.

Part of what makes KINETICOACH the best personal trainer app for people on the go is that it allows them to create a workout plan without stabbing in the dark. Our fitness trainers know better than anyone how important it is to have a solid understanding of proper workout form, weight limits, and other factors so you get the most out of your customized workout without hurting yourself. Download the KINETICOACH app today to create a workout plan with step-by-step instructions!


GIFs and Tutorial Videos

In the KINETICOACH workout app, every customized workout is accompanied by quick-playing workout demo GIFs and links to in-depth movement tutorial videos by professional fitness coaches. As personal trainers ourselves, we know that sometimes, you just have to see an example of the proper workout form, movement between reps, and ideal weight to get the most out of your personalized workout plan, which is why we include GIFs and tutorials to help guide you. Plus, all of the demo GIFs and tutorial videos are relevant to the specific exercise you are doing, so you won’t have to waste time scrolling through workout tutorial videos online until you find what you need.

From hotel room exercises and travel workouts using basic gym equipment to weekly exercise plans that incorporate a wide variety of workout equipment, the KINETICOACH app has everything you need to fit in a great workout, no matter where you are or what your skill level is. Download the KINETICOACH app to get easy-to-follow demos and in-depth video links for great workout!



Versatile multi-function Timer

Our versatile timer auto-programs to your customized workout, helping you keep track of sets, reps, and when it’s time to take a break between exercises.  Or, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to setting sets and reps for your own personal training program, you can use KINETICOACH's manual timer functions to set your own pace.  The KINETICOACH timer includes Stopwatch, Programmable Interval, and Countdown functions, all built into the tap-screen Rounds Counter.  Display it as you crank out sets and reps, or hide the workout from the timer page for a challenge.

With the KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone users, you don’t have to use your phone’s timer when you work out. Our personal trainers have integrated everything you could possibly need into this top fitness app, from GIF demos and results tracking to this one-of-a-kind, multi-functional workout timer. Download the KINETICOACH app today to get started!



Enter WORKOUT Results, Earn POINTS & Badges

The KINETICOACH Travel Trainer allows you to track workout results, enter workout notes, and celebrate reaching fitness milestones, all in one convenient exercise tracker app for your smartphone. Whether you’re looking for the best fitness tracker app or a weight lifting tracker that you can bring with you to the gym, our fitness app for iPhone users has everything you need to keep track of your workout progress on the go. With the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer, the days of having to memorize your customized workouts are over!

When you download the KINETICOACH fitness app on your iPhone, you can build your own virtual gym by earning experience points toward virtual equipment. This allows you to visualize your personalized workout plan before you even hit the gym! Download the KINETICOACH iPhone fitness tracker today to create a workout plan and start entering results.



Results Tracking & workout History

The KINETICOACH fitness app for iPhone allows users to find past results from customized workouts, bookmark them for later, or redo them completely when you create a workout plan with a different target muscle group or new fitness goal in mind. Find all of your results from previously created customized workouts and exercises, including weight loss wins, muscle building achievements, new weight lifting milestones, and so much more. Plus, you can search your entire workout history by date, name, or even certain movements and exercises with this innovative app feature, which makes this workout app for beginners and fitness junkies alike incredibly convenient and easy to use. Download the KINETICOACH app now to start tracking your progress and building personalized workouts that you can find quickly and come back to later!

Our results tracking and history feature makes KINETICOACH one of the best fitness apps for iPhone users to date! If you’ve been looking for the top fitness app that gives you full control over your daily or weekly exercise plan, KINETICOACH is for you. Say goodbye to time wasted searching for that workout you tried, loved, and somehow lost in all the browser tabs on your phone. Keeping track of all your customized workouts has never been easier, thanks to our results tracking and history features!



Professional personal training programs

The KINETICOACH Travel Trainer includes a unique movement library with 140+ GIFs and links to in-depth video tutorials by professional fitness coaches.  This feature helps you learn safe and efficient movements for each exercise in your personalized workout plan, from burpees and pullups to bear crawls, bench jumps, and so much more. Save yourself the extra cost of a joining personal training program at the gym and create a workout plan made just for you with step-by-step workout instructions. With this online workout trainer, you won’t need to hire a fitness coach to walk you through the proper form, transitions between exercises, or repetition timing.

You’ll also be able to browse three different categories to do extra flexibility work or customize your warmups so you really do get the best workout plan for men or women. As fitness coaches, we understand the importance of a good warmup before a workout, which is why we’ve included this unique feature with flexibility exercises, stretches, and more. Download the best personal trainer app today to try it out for yourself!



Build Teams & Compete

Unlike other top fitness apps for iPhone users, the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer allows you to become part of a unique fitness community through our customized workout platform. Stay motivated and establish accountability by creating and joining teams in the KINETICOACH workout community. Create unique group names, invite friends to your team, and start conquering your fitness goals together or go head-to-head for high scores.

Through our revolutionary fitness app for iPhone users, you can now compete on leaderboards for experience points or filter competitions by specific exercises and workouts. Create a workout group for other business professionals who do hotel gym workouts, crossfit hotel workouts, or other travel workouts on the go. Or, if you prefer to work out at your local gym or at home, create groups for family, friends, and coworkers to start your own friendly competition. Download the KINETICOACH Travel Trainer to start working out with friends through the best fitness app for iPhone users!