kineticoach Features



The travel trainer

KINETICOACH is the best workout app for business travel, vacation, and home. It was developed by business travelers and fitness professionals with more than 30 years of personal coaching experience and decades using hotel gyms.  No other fitness app provides KINETICOACH's level of customization,  workout variety, and professional workout design!


experience level

From the moment you download KINETICOACH, you'll get a customized workout experience.  Select your experience level and the Custom Workout Builder will adjust movement complexity, volume, loading, and duration to maximize your fitness gains, reduce the risk of injury, and keep you motivated.



Set your goals

KINETICOACH selects workouts based on your personal goals. Choose from Burn Fat, Gain Muscle, Get Faster, Increase Endurance, and Improve Flexibility.  Or, select Increase Overall Fitness to get workouts that cover the fitness spectrum.  Our professional coaches used their 3 decades of experience to design smart, efficient, safe workouts to get you to your goals.




KINETICOACH's one-of-a-kind Custom Workout Builder uses your Experience Level, Goals, How You're Feeling that day, Time Available to workout, and what Equipment you have available (to include "none").  Our algorithm then returns up to 10 custom workouts for you to choose from. 



600+ UNIQUE custom workoutS

Each run of the Custom Workout Builder returns up to 10 perfectly programmed custom workouts tailored to your inputs, goals, and experience. Choose your workout now, or bookmark workouts for later.  New workouts added daily.



In-Depth Instructions

All workouts come with in-depth instructions including a complete warmup, weight selection guidance, equipment modification options, a step-by-step workout walkthrough, and how to post results. Our professional coaches wrote these instructions based on decades of experience training clients of all skill levels.


GIFs and Tutorial Videos

Every workout is accompanied by quick-playing demo GIFs and links to in-depth movement tutorial videos by professional coaches.



Versatile multi-function Timer

Our versatile Timer auto-programs to your custom workout.  Or you can use KINETICOACH's manual timer functions for your own workouts.  Timer includes STOPWATCH, PROGRAMMABLE INTERVAL, and COUNTDOWN functions. Built-in tap-screen Rounds Counter.  Display or hide the workout from the timer page.



Enter Results, Earn POINTS & Badges

Track your results and enter workout notes.  Build your Virtual Gym by earning experience points towards Virtual Equipment.



Results Tracking & History

Find past results, redo workouts, bookmark workouts for later.  Search your entire workout history by date, workout name, or movements.



Professional Coaching

Movement library with 140+ GIFs & links to in-depth video tutorials by professional coaches.  Learn safe & efficient movement.  Browse categories to do extra flexibility work or to customize your warmups.



Build Teams & Compete

Stay motivated by creating and joining teams in the KINETICOACH community. Invite friends to your team.  Compete on leaderboards for experience points or filter by workout.